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Sample intinerary
Note! this is a sample intinerary. Part of the thrill of sailing is that we are always subject to nature and her fickle ways. Weather and ice conditions are the main factors in any decision making and at these latitudes they can change quickly, so the crew and expedition guide will plan accordingly. We will focus on the northwestern part of Spitsbergen and/or Isfjorden, depending on the conditions and weather forecast. 
Day 1. Arrive onboard Duen III. We will pick you up at the tourist marina in Longyearbyen at 12:00 
 Once on board you will meet the crew and get briefed about safety and routines. You will be given a tour and ample time to make yourself at home in your allocated cabins. As we start to sail out of Isfjorden the digital detox can begin. We are heading north. Far north. Once in Spitsbergen we will be in our own little network free bubble for the upcoming days. Guests are encouraged to assist in steering and other sailing duties but not required to. We may do a short stop at Poolpynten to see some walruses up close before we continue North. Day 2. Late in the day we will find ourself in polar bear country, North Spitsbergen. Dependant on if there are any polar bears in the area we can do some exploring ashore. Be careful not to step in the old graves of the whalers, who did not come fully prepared for the hardship of this severe environment. Day 3. Sail through the small islands and take time to enjoy watching and photographing the wildlife that we are prone to encounter at a safe distance. Day 4. With our experienced expedition guide we will do an epic hike in Magdalenafjorden. Here we will be in thrilling proximity with an ancient glacier and walk the scenic trail. Polar foxes are sometimes seen here. Lounging in the hot tub in this amazing environment is really something special. Day 5. After breakfast we sail up to the worlds most northernly permanent settlement. You are free to walk around town at your own pace as this is one of few places where you do not require polar bear protection. If we are lucky, the pub is open. The locals are usually very friendly and curious about visitors. ***It is possible to find wifi here. I do not think we should advertise it, but let the sales team know*** Day 6 We explore Krossfjorden. This is an exceptionally diverse place. Glaciers, red mountains, big bird-cliffs and old settlements are all included within a very small area. We will do a walk to New London and see the ruins of an old marmor excavation site. Day 7 We will sail southwards in Prins Forlandssound. The night will be spent in Ymerbukta. Sit on deck with a warm drink marveling at the glacier and observe occasionial calvings from the nearby icebergs. Day 8 After a short sail we will arrive at Barentsburg. The Russian capital of the north. A big Lenin statue overlooks the town and the walls have slogans and poems from the soviet area. We can try some Russian food at the local restaurant as well. Day 9. Find your inner urban explorer as we wander the buildings of Coles Bay. We will have a tasty barbeque on the beach and reminisce on our adventures during our last meal together. In the evening we sail back to Longyearbyen and stay either on anchorage or in the marina for our final night. Day 10. Departure day. Lunch is served at 12:00 and then we say farewell and fairwinds to Duen III. If you have a late flight, we recommend spend it ashore in Longyearbyen. There you can visit the museum and learn more of the history of all the amazing places we have visited.


The vessel: Duen III is 72 ft ketch rigged sailing vessel built in 1987 and designed by Robert Perry, a well renowned American boat designer. She has a comfortable wheelhouse, a big saloon and six cabins. She has been around the world twice. The boat is well equipped for artic sailing with radiators in each cabin and an inside steering position. In total there are three different seating areas, giving plenty of personal space for everyone on board. Outside on the spacious deck there is a ladder towards the crows nest (a ships look out point located in the main mast), and two big chests to store your adventure gear. Cabins: Choose between two styles of cabins, double bed or bunk cabins. Each cabin has en suite toilets and shower facilities. All cabins have clean linens and towels included for the voyage.

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Safety on board: Before the trip you will be briefed on the what to do in an emergency situation. We have all the necessary safety equipment, such as life vests, transponders, radios, firefighting equipment and life rafts. All equipment is inspected and serviced according to Norwegian laws and standards. Crew: All Duen III crew have the necessary papers and courses required by Norwegian law. In addition, they have a variety of experience that ranges from classical sailing to fishing and merchant vessels and are happy to share their knowledge. The expedition leaders on shore have extensive training and experience, with a minimum of two seasons in Svalbard. On our programs there is always a minimum of three crew.


Food: We offer three meals per day and snacks in between. We serve a variety of Norwegian and international dishes.

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